Premium Storage BV., a private storage company based in Bleiswijk, Western Netherlands; have signed a partnership agreement with Nova terminals b.v. for storage rentals solutions for interested customers from their tank terminal reserves. Premium Storage BV will be commercially responsible for the terminals expansion project towards new customers. The plan is to increase capacity with 3,000,000 cbm (or more) for Crude, Fuel Oil and VGO. The terminal will be able to handle part loaded VLCC’s.


The terminals in Rotterdam comply with the BRZO2015 (Seveso III) directive, which means an extended safety management system audited annually by the local authorities. Premium Storage BV elected to have one system for all eight of its terminals. This means that the terminals in Rotterdam,


The terminal is located in the middle of an industrial complex including three world-scale refineries and three major chemical plants. The storage capacity of 555,000 cbm which is sub-leased for kinder Morgan INC. can be separated into petroleum products, gases and chemicals. The facility has very good connections to the highway and railway network, provides good pipeline access and has an excellent marine configuration


We are moved by passion. We offer the best service to our customers with the highest standards interms of safety and quality in product storage to allow for the reception and dispatching of ships, trucks and trains through our facilities in the most effective and safe manner. Thanks to our highly qualified personnel, our extended experience and innovative technology, we guarantee the maintenance of products under perfect conditions.